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Workshop og teambuildin


We offer three different hands-on workshops, all of which provide concrete tips, tricks, and methods for working with sustainability and/or food waste reduction techniques:

Kimchi Workshop: Learn the classic methods and benefits of fermentation. It's about sustainability, extending the shelf life of ingredients, and ingredient diversity.

Legume Workshop: Learn how to work with legumes - a key ingredient in transitioning to climate-friendly eating habits.

Food Waste Workshop: Learn how to cook without food waste and live a more climate-friendly life!

Duration: 1-3 hours

Target group: 12 years and up (we tailor the workshop to the age group)

Participants: Minimum 15 people, maximum 30 people.

Location: At your place or at a location we arrange for, at an additional fee.

For price, details and booking: Reach us at or +4523435640

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