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A rhubarb


Deforestation for the sake of agriculture, excessive use of water resources, pollution from farming, and high greenhouse gas emissions from the production of specific foods are just some of the many examples of unsustainable practices in our food production contributing to climate change, loss of biodiversity, and soil degradation.

Food waste is a part of the problem, both nationally and globally: one-third of all produced food goes to waste, which equates to a staggering 931 million tons annually. This depletes the Earth's resources and has a detrimental impact on the climate.

Thus, there is a tremendous potential in reducing food waste and focusing on sustainable food and consumption patterns, as it can improve food security, mitigate climate change, save us money, and alleviate the pressure on land, water, and biodiversity. Therefore, it is in everyone's interest and responsibility to reduce their own food waste and make sustainable food choices.

It is the mission of Rub & Stub to contribute to a future without food waste and with more sustainable solutions. We offer services that provide concrete solutions and that inspire and empower individuals to take action. By doing so, collectively we can have a positive impact on our environment, climate, and create a more sustainable and responsible future for all.

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