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Rub & Stub Group
Vigerslev All 18
2500 Valby
Data responsible contact person:
Maria Abrahamsen
This privacy and personal data policy must inform you as a business partner and/or volunteer about, 
which personal data R
ub & Stub Group ApS (hereinafter Rub & Stub) processes and how we process 
them. Personal data is all personally identifiable data. The following explains what data we collect, 
how we collect it and how we protect and process that information.
Personal information covers all data that can be used to identify people, e.g. first, middle and last name, age, position, work address or other physical address, e-mail address, telephone number or other contact information.
Personal information of a sensitive nature such as social security number, financial information, religion, etc. 
not collected by Rub & Stub. 
Rub & Stub holds a number of non-sensitive personal data to ensure that our volunteers get the best opportunity to continuously do voluntary work and to be offered it in the future. Furthermore, we also collect and process data on business partners, which ensures that we can maintain the partnership and market products and services in the future. Certain information is also collected and processed as required by law in accordance with the Money Laundering and Accounting Act.
Rub & Stub Group ApS undertakes to continuously fulfill the legal requirements for the protection of privacy.
Rub & Stub only collects information after telephone or written inquiry or based on already established knowledge and relationship via network. 
Rub & Stub only collects the personal data that is necessary to deliver a service or product, market services and products or process inquiries. We do not collect and/or purchase personally identifiable information from third parties.
Collection via own digital channels
Anyone can use without providing information about their personal data. When accessing the website, an ID is issued for your session. This cannot identify you as a person.
Our website uses cookies and information is collected in accordance with visit to 
our website. 
Embedded content from other websites
Our website may contain embedded content (eg videos and images). This content works as if you visited the website in question. These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, etc. This also applies if you use Rub & Stub's website buttons to access our social media profiles. Rub & Stub is not responsible for data collected in such contexts.
Collection of business partners 
When entering into cooperation, we collect your name, e-mail, telephone and any organizational conditions and your payment information.
We collect this information in order to solve the task and carry out the collaboration, including 
continuously offer you relevant additional purchase options related to the task solution.
We store your information as long as the collaboration is active. 
A collaboration is no longer considered active two years after the last interaction. We delete personal data two years after the collaboration is inactive. If a new collaboration comes into question, we will not delete this information if it may be relevant to the future task. 
Because we often deliver many services over time to our business partners, we do not delete information about you as a business partner (the organization and the person(s) who have contacted you) and the offer/delivery agreement and any contract we entered into before after five years. In this way, we can provide a better task solution.
We delete emails that are no longer relevant to our collaboration after up to two years.
Only employees of Rub & Stub can access general partner information such as 
delivery agreements and contract conditions with the aim of being able to assist in the solution of the task.
We share your payment information with trusted third parties (data processor) in accordance with handling 
invoicing and compliance with the Bookkeeping Act. For this, we can present data processing agreements upon request. 
Collection of volunteers
When signing up as a volunteer at Rub & Stub we collect your name, e-mail and telephone.
We collect this information in order to organize your voluntary efforts as best as possible and to 
could offer voluntary work in the future. 
We store your information as long as you are an active volunteer. You are considered an active volunteer for up to two years after your last voluntary effort. 
We delete personal data no later than two years after the volunteer has been active, unless the volunteer expresses a wish to remain registered. 
We delete emails from volunteers when they are no longer associated with Rub & Stub. 
Only employees of Rub & Stub can access personal data of volunteers associated with Rub & Stump.
Collection by verbal, telephone or verbal request 
We collect and store contact information that potential business partners give us via email or those we can find about them on the internet (name, email, phone number and any organizational affiliation) 
We also save the information we receive via email, phone or verbally, which is relevant to make an offer/start a dialogue with a view to sales and new partnerships.
We delete registered information about a potential business partner (the organization and the person(s) who made the inquiry) and the offer we sent you after 5 years at the latest. We store this information in order to gain insight into the needs and wishes of our (potential) business partners. In this way, we can target our services as best as possible.
Rub & Stub Group ApS undertakes to continuously fulfill the legal requirements for the protection of privacy.
Only employees of Rub & Stub can access this information.
We delete emails that are no longer relevant to our collaboration after up to 2 years.
Job applications (solicited and unsolicited)
We delete all sent personal data after the process has been completed, however no later than 1 year after receipt. 
Interaction with us on social media
Rub & Stub uses Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to share offers, news and information about our work and activities. We inform and obtain verbal or written consent from participants in our activities (workshops, events, lectures, etc.) if we use pictures of these participants to write specifically about them. We also inform you how to notify if you do not want images and mentions shared.
We use social media to inform our business partners (current and future), followers (interested in our purpose) and volunteers about our services, events and purpose.
When you interact with content on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram can collect data for use in marketing and the like. Since the interaction takes place on external platforms, Rub & Stub not responsible for the information obtained here.
Facebook privacy information:
LinkedIn privacy information:
Instagram's private information:
In the event that external from Rub & Stub demands professional competence, as Rub & Stub may be aware of in our database of volunteers and partners, we will at all times obtain written consent from the person before any kind of information is shared externally. 
All personal information in Rub & Stub's holdings are stored in internal file sharing systems. It's only Rub & Stub's employees who have access to these systems. 
Rub & Stub Group ApS undertakes to continuously fulfill the legal requirements for the protection of privacy.
All payment information is stored on encrypted servers handled by a data processor for Rub & Stump. A data processing agreement has been entered into with the person concerned.
All Rub & Stub's employees are informed of our privacy and personal data policy, and they are subject to handling all personal data in accordance with this. 
Our sub-suppliers have entered into data processing agreements with us if the collaboration gives access to personal information. The data processing agreements secure the interests of the volunteers and the collaboration partners. 
They can be produced on request.
All personal data in Rub & Stub's custody is stored on servers in Denmark. Certain personal data is managed by a data processor who stores and processes personal data at Rub & Stumps instead. This is done in accordance with its data policy and the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data. Data processor agreements can be presented on request. 
Personal data on volunteers associated with Rub & We save stubs for up to two years after they have last been active volunteers. We save for the specified period, as they are regarded as active volunteers and therefore must continue to be offered to participate in future activities. 
See also the section: Collection about volunteers
In the case of active business partner relationships or potential business partner relationships, we store data for as long as necessary for us to complete the task. If the collaboration is interrupted, Rub & Stub the data for up to five years.
See also the section: Collection of business partners
Everyone in Rub & Stub's registers can request access to or deletion of personal data at any time. By other legislation (respectively the Accounting and Money Laundering Act) all transactional data, incl. contact and company information for five years.
Security breaches and data leaks are taken seriously. Sheep Rub & If there is a strong suspicion of data leakage from internal servers or data processors, we take the lead to ensure that our volunteers and partners are protected as best as possible.
We will uncover the extent of the potential damage. We notify potentially affected business partners and volunteers of the suspicion, we notify the Danish Data Protection Authority, and we launch an effort to contain the extent of the damage. If a data leak is suspected, all involved parties will be informed within 72 hours after Rub & Stub has been made aware of the suspicion. As a volunteer or business partner, do you suspect that your data has been leaked from Rub & Stub, we request that you contact us as soon as possible. 
As a registered volunteer or business partner, you can always be told what information Rub & Stub has about you. 
If you want insight into this, contact Maria Abrahamsen at
If you want all data deleted, contact Maria Abrahamsen at
Note! Data that is required to be stored according to legislation cannot be deleted on request.
You have the right to complain to
For questions or comments?
Maria Abrahamsen 


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