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Talks and panel


We offer two different presentations, one addressing the global issue of food waste and one about the journey Rub & Stub has taken in the world of food waste:

  1. Food Waste - Big Problem, Small Solutions: In this presentation, we address the significant national and global issue of food waste. It is a fact-based presentation that primarily focuses on food waste statistics, figures, and initiatives but also covers what individuals can actually do.

  2. Rub & Stub - A Journey in Food Waste: We talk about our entrepreneurial journey in a constantly changing reality. From when we opened the doors to our Eatery in 2013 in a world that wouldn't acknowledge the existence of food waste to our teaching and training of today - in a reality where the global understanding of food waste has shifted to being recognized as a massive problem related to the climate change we all face.

Target group: Schools and school classes (12 years and up), public institutions, conferences, businesses.

Duration: 20-30 minutes.

Participants: Unlimited.

Price, details, and booking: Contact us at or give us a call at +4523435640.

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