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We offer data-driven food waste projects for large scale events such as festivals and trade shows.

A food waste project includes:

  • Collecting all surplus food after your event.

  • Registering all the collected surplus food.

  • Processing surplus foods approaching expiration date.

  • Distributing all surplus food (processed and unprocessed) to organisations working with socially vulnerable individuals throughout the country.

  • Data processing of registered surplus food (quantities, ingredients, ingredient groups).

A socially and environmentally responsible project

By having a food waste project as a part of your large scale event, you prevent food waste from being generated while ensuring that socially vulnerable individuals benefit from the surplus of your event. It is both a socially and environmentally responsible and important initiative, and thus an absolute must-have for any large scale event organiser to secure.

Partners: All food waste projects are done in collaboration with FødevareBanken.

For more: Click here to see a movie about our food waste project at Roskilde Festival (in Danish)

Price, details, and booking: Contact us at or +4523435640

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