Christmas in Rub & Stub

Every Tuesday – Saturday in December you can enjoy our own Rub & Stub glögg (what the h… is that?? Warm wine, really?), æbleskiver (Pancake balls… wait, what??), not to mention the lovely surplus cake chocolate truffles. That’ll keep you warm – and help you get through the Danish winter with a little extra padding … don’t you worry.

Tartlet Tuesdays Continues

Tartlet Tuesdays quickly became one of your favorites, so we decided to run the theme menu on the rest of the Tuesdays 2015. And who knows … we might keep going, unless we come up with something even better!

TarteletBut for now, every Tuesday we only have one thing for you to choose from the menu. The three course tartlet menu for 180 DKK,:

Starter – most likely a nice, warm soup

Main dish in the shape of tartlets (can be traditional as well as our own creative kind) – always with a vegetarian version too

Dessert. Could be surplus fruit pies, cakes, triflis … Certainly sweet and certainly surplus.

Everything is made out of donated surplus food (around 60 in average % )

We recommend that you book a table online (possible no earlier than one week before dinner date). You can find the daily menu posted on Facebook.

The Tuesday Tartlet menu could look like this (but is new every week, based on the daily surplus food deliveries):


The Holidays in Rub & Stub

Our hard working staff and many, many volunteers deserve to get some time off to go relax with their friends and families all over the world – or just to get away from the cold for a while.

Therefore Rub & Stub will be closed for the holidays from december 20th – January 12th.


Lunch at Rub & Stub in June

Lunch at Rub & Stub in June

The Danish summer is on its way… any moment now! And you can’t find many better ways to take in the first warm and sunny days than with a Rub & Stub lunch of rescued food in the lovely courtyard behind the gate in Magstræde 12?

We’re opening op for lunch, only during the month of June, served on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12.00 to 15.00.

To start off we’re easing into our lunch concept slowly and carefully – a lesson well learned from the at times turbulent start-up of Rub & Stub.

Lunch menu:

You can choose between 1 or 2 smaller dishes each day. As with everything in Rub & Stub, they are mainly based on our donated foodstuffs and therefore they change from day to day, just like our evening menu. You can expect something more or less like this:

And if you’re not faced with an imminent sobriety test or planning to operate heavy machinery, you can enjoy our lunch and draft beer combination for 100 DKK – perfect for enjoying the early afternoon sun between our herbs and plants in the Rub & Stub garden.

Still want more? There’s also coffee and cake for 75 DKK – and there’s even cognac on the menu..

Remember, you can also buy Rub & Stub-produced food at our catering partners: Bastard Café in the ground floor of Huset-KBH (the same building Rub & Stub is in) and at Café Retro in Knabrostræde right around the corner.

Rub & Stub Now Part of the Danish Refugee Council

On January 1, the Danish Refugee Council took over running Spisehuset Rub & Stub, the only initiative of its kind against food waste in Denmark. As a result, the volunteers running the eatery have the economic breathing space needed to continue developing the popular concept and serving meals made from surplus food in Huset-KBH.

The Danish Refugee Council wants to encourage innovative volunteer work. That’s why the humanitarian organization has offered to take over running Rub & Stub.

The volunteers behind the eatery have spent the past few turbulent months working hard to find a new partner. In September 2014, the non-profit restaurant had to start preparing for a life without the RETRO Association, the non-profit humanitarian organization that was the original partner and investor in Rub & Stub. The food waste project had simply grown too big during its first year to continue within the organization.

Working together towards social ends

”The partnership with the Danish Refugee Council is a very welcome development. We can once again concentrate on running and developing Rub & Stub, fighting food waste and creating the best environment for volunteer work,” says Sanne Stephansen, project manager at Rub & Stub.

”We’re extremely happy to have a new partner in the Danish Refugee Council. The philosophy of Rub & Stub is to use resources that might otherwise go to waste for human and economic benefit that can help others,” adds Rasmus Scheelke, one of the founding volunteers.

A unique volunteer initiative

Rub & Stub is the first eatery in Europe working directly to eliminate food waste by serving meals based on donated surplus foodstuffs from the food industry. But the most important ingredient is the effort of the many volunteers, working in the kitchen and waiting tables.

”Rub & Stub runs on contagious idealism and enthusiasm. As such, our involvement in Rub & Stub is a logical addition to our many volunteer projects, many of them through Frivillignet, where more than 5.500 Danes offer time and energy on being and doing something for other people,” says Anette Christoffersen, Head of Integration at the Danish Refugee Council. She hopes that in time, Rub & Stub will create the economic basis for similar volunteer startups and other initiatives for and with people in vulnerable situations.

Read more about…:

The Danish Refugee Council at
Huset-KBH at


Questions and answers on Rub & Stub’s transition from being a project under the RETRO Association to becoming a part of the Danish Refugee Council.

-Why did Spisehuset Rub & Stub need a new owner or partner?

Rub & Stub was opened in september 2013 as a volunteer project within the non-profit RETRO Association. Since then, the eatery has grown quickly and needs more space to continue developing. That’s why it was decided to set Rub & Stub free from January 1, 2015.

-What happens to the Rub & Stub Association?

The volunteers founded a new association in October 2014 to ensure the future of Rub & Stub in 2015 and onwards. The association has carrying out the task of finding a new owner or partner for the eatery and raising funds. Now that Rub & Stub has a new owner, the association will be disbanded. The decision is to be approved at the annual general meeting in the spring of 2015.

What does the agreement with the Danish Refugee Council involve?
Spisehuset Rub & Stub will now become a social economic project within the Danish Refugee Council. All employees and fixtures will be transferred from RETRO to the Danish Refugee Council, which has also signed a new tenancy agreement with Huset-KBH.

Rub & Stub will open up after Christmas on January 13, 2015, and all future profits from Rub & Stub will go towards social project chosen in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council.

Why match Rub & Stub with the Danish Refugee Council?

The partnership works on several levels.

Rub & Stub is a logical addition to the many volunteer projects run bt the Danish Refugee Council, for example Sundhedscafeen, a project for newly arrived refugees and immigrants in Horsens.

The philosophy behind Rub & Stub is to use foods that might otherwise have gone to waste for charitable purposes. That will very much still be the case, when the eatery becomes a part of the Danish Refugee Council.

What happens to the money raised for saving Rub & Stub in the past months?

A lot of people have supported our fundraising campaign ”Help us not get wasted!” and donated resources to ensure the future of Rub & Stub. This support has been vital to demonstrating Rub & Stub as an attractive concept, and the money will be used to strengthen the business and food waste concept going forward.

Savory Butternut Squash Pie with a Croissant Crust

See how to make the legendary Rub & Stub leftover croissant pie! MUNCHIES by VICE just shared our recipe right here.

You can see the whole “The Last Minute Guide for Thanksgiving” by MUNCHIES where the pie is part of the menu along with hash brown casserole, vegan phyllo pot pie and deep-fried turkey balls for those who just need the meat. All of it right here. Enjoy!


‘Help Us Not Get Wasted’ – Fundraising for a Kitchen!

Based on the work of many volunteers, Rub & Stub is Europe’s first eatery that cooks with donated surplus food and helps guests and followers learn how to reduce food waste. Now Rub & Stub needs your help to not get wasted!

From the 1st of January Rub & Stub has to buy it’s own kitchen. So in order to continue to inspire Europe to save all the food currently going to waste we need to raise 100.000 DKK by December 31, 2014.

What Can You Do?
This is what you can do to help the project move on and save a whole lot of fine food:

1) Donate money.psd
…whatever amount you’d like to this account:
The Rub & Stub association: 9570 account 3385017987 (remember to write your name).
Check out this page to see, what you’ll get in return (how about a dish named after yourself? Your mom? Your hamster??)

2) Buy a ticket
…for the great support party in huset-KBH, Copenhagen (oldest, largest culture house of Denmark) 29 November  – concerts, food, party and charity all in one. Follow the band name releases on Facebook here and get your ticket here! (200 DKK: Concerts and party. 300 DKK: Concerts, party, and dinner + beer)

3) Drop by
…and drop some cash in the donation jar in Rub & Stub – or support us by having a feast with appetizers, wine, coffee and dessert as well when you’re already here to eat anyway



Rub & Stub on International TV

The International, German broadcasting station Deutsche Welle dropped by in October 2014 to film the daily work and concept of Rub & Stub the eatery. The result is this great little video and in a few days another one will follow, presenting a TV kitchen clip á la “how to…”
We will share it all on our facebook page as well if you want to stay informed.

(Watch the video from Deutsche Welle in English here (4:23)
– by reporter Miriam Dagan

Watch the video in German here.

More Videos From Rub & Stub

This was not the first time TV reporters from around the whole wide world swung by to catch a glimpse of our work.
Watch clips Danish, English, French or German video clips here:

(in English)
BBC News Magazine, December 27th 2013 (video by Cameron Robertson)
The Restaurant That Serves Up Discarded Food

(in French)
France3 TV, March 15th 2014 (video clip: 02:57 – 04:50)
Ecologie pas morte

(in German)
DPA, August 13th 2014
3-Gänge-Menü aus Abfällen

(in Danish)
By Rikke Louise Schjødt from TVMKanal, January 2014

(in Danish)
‘På den 2. side’ – DR 2 theme night on food revolutions, October 20th 2013:


(in Danish)
Lorry Lounge, September 9th 2013 (ca. 12 minutes in)
Lorry Lounge 9/9/2013,

Celebrating our 1 year birthday

About a year ago a handful of young, optimistic students decided that Friday 13 of September 2013 would be a great date for starting up a brand new, nontested non profit concept…

…now we are more than a hundred volunteers, still growing and going strong! Spisehuset Rub & Stub is now one year old and that will be celebrated!

We would love to see our dear guests, volunteers, partners, donators, supporters, and who-ever-might-wanna-join the birthday party for Spisehuset Rub & Stub on:

SATURDAY SEPT. 13TH 2014 from 5.30 PM in the restaurant in HUSET-KBH

We’ll serve some bobles/beer, snacks/cake, and for your ears some lovely music as well as a few words about the past year. Don’t worry, speaches will be limited! Plenty of time for mingling and tasting.

From around 8-9 PM you’ll have lovely live jazz in the cozy backyard as known from supper club Fridays (or in the “ballroom” if it’s raining)

Later the jazz- and party band “Flemming er Okay” will pep up the party until the DJ takes over and we keep dancing till the fat lady sings…

Opening again on Tuesday, August 12th

We look very much forward to open the restaurant again after the holidays!
But please note, that we still have to wait for some of our lovely volunteers to get back home from their summer holidays, traveling the world around, before we can cook and serve properly for you.

That’s just how the cookie crumbles, working with so many volunteers. We want to make sure, that the service is great, and that’s worth waiting one more week for instead of opening a restaurant, where the volunteers have to run faster than any of them or you, dear guests, deserve. We hope that you will understand and forgive our delay.


…if you consider volunteering yourself, please take a look on the link below.
Volunteers in the kitchen and bar need only to take shifts 3 times a month, of six hours (that is why we need to be so many people – to make sure, you have time to take care of your studies and jobs).

You can help in many ways. We are also always happy to hear from interested people who wants to help establish new partnerships, maybe do some urban gardening in the yard, take care of the press contacts, help designing and maintaining the interior, pick up donations around in town, arrange debates or special events, and much more…!

Opening Hours This Summer

Due to the holidays and a lot of festivals the opening hours change a bit during the summer.

Please note changes on following dates:

WEEK 27:
Closed all week (June 30th – August 6th) 
– everybody is gone to Roskilde Festival to take some days off and enjoy the music, mud, and each other! Simply no volunteers in town.

WEEK 28:
Open all week (July 7th – 13th)
Special opening hours during Copenhagen Jazz Festival – see concert program at HUSET-KBH

  • Monday: 5-11 PM (kitchen closes at 9 PM, desserts at 9.30 PM)
  • Tuesday: Saturday: 12.30 -11 PM  (kitchen closes at 9 PM, desserts at 9.30 PM)
  • Sonday: 12.30 – 5 PM (kitchen closes at 4 PM)

WEEK 29, 30, and 31:
(July 14th – August 3rd) Closed.
Vacation time!

(August 4th): Back to normal 

Supper Club Jazz Bar Friday July 11th

A1 jazzbar

Time for yet another Friday bar for a good cause with live jazz, beer and delicious food – this time an extra jazzy version during Copenhagen Jazz Festival where a whole lotta concerts take place at HUSET-KBH as one of the main venues!
Hopefully our tiny contribution will take place outdoors in the cozy courtyard behind the gate at Magstræde 12.


  • (Noon-ish: Maybe a beloved trio and friends of Rub & Stub will drop by…)
  • 4 – 5 PM: ♫ Nola Love Manifest Trio ♫
  • 6-7 PM: ♫ Brassflavour ♫
  • Evening: DJ or just music from the bar – we’ll stay jazzy somehow!


  • Draft beer: 35 DKK
  • Surplus food dishes as usual. Will be announced on Facebook on the very same day when we know what we have to cook with.

To avoid queue, please bring cash or by a “ten trip card”.

Last dinner order received at 9.30 PM
Bar closed at 11.30 PM.

See you!